In my 27 years of life this is the very first review I have ever left on Google. I have used wok to you for years and have always been very pleased. This night in particular I was left absolutely flabbergasted by the incredible and kind service that I received. I spoke to a very nice gentleman on the phone who took the time to help us pick out a Chinese restaurant in our usual range (since ours is under new ownership and not what it used to be and we have not found one that we enjoy thus far), and he was incredibly kind and patient on the phone(plus we LOVE the place he recommended!!!!!!!!) After, we had the absolute sweetest delivery driver deliver our food and had a pleasant short conversation with her! So so nice all around! Wok to you has SUCH nice staff always. I will always continue to use wok to you because I have never had a bad experience and this night was no exception! P.s. always tip your drivers! (Google)


We’ve been using Wok to You for a few years now. Always a very pleasant experience. Thank you for all you do. You all are appreciated. (Google)


I initially had an issue with a delivery order. I appreciate the owner calling and explaining the situation. We have ordered previously before, with zero issue. Basing my review off of that. (Google)


Love them food always hot driver’s are nice love love love!!😍 (Google)

Ashley T

I have used them since their inception in the late 90s. They’ve always been kind, on time and easy to work with. They remember my orders, too. I love that they’ve had the same location for over 20 years. (Google)

Rochelle Holloway

Great service! the call center are very friendly and they always make you aware of any complications that may occur for a delay of time. they are actually really fast! you have to understand they don’t work at that location however they still get your order to you as quick as possible, the delivery drivers are very nice and friendly. i have never had a bad experience with this company and do not see one any time soon. they also keep your information on file to make the process easier for both parties. (Google)

finding teammate

I love their service! Very helpful while ordering and great efficient delivery service. Our family has one vehicle and I find myself working midnight shifts; when I wake up in the afternoon and I am starving with no transportation they are a Godsend!. I use the service approximately 3X per month. I hope they expand to the U of M Dearborn campus area so I can send orders to my son as a surprise, I do for Pizza and that is getting boring . Thanks for your service (Google)

Sandra Falk

Wok-to-you has been delivering my takeout for many years. I’m extremely grateful for Dave’s delivery service and love that they offer a large selection of restaurants to choose from. It took a few years but now I know my favorite joint for each specific dish I order. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

NOTE: I suggest asking the dispatcher for their opinion of restaurants near you -they have always nailed it for me! (Google)

Jay H

This is the first time I’ve used this service. A friend recommended it when I called her whining that I wanted chinese food but couldn’t go out to pick it up. The dispatcher was kind, helped me pick a restaurant close by and made the transaction almost painless. The food was here from my chosen restaurant – still hot – and the driver was polite. I couldn’t be happier. Way to go Wok To Go!! (Google)

Black Widow Nor